A, exhaust gas treatment engineer

Job responsibilities:

1, the existing waste gas processing plant maintenance and update;

2, test the parameters of water quality analysis;

3, a summary of existing operational status of the waste gas treatment process optimization, the state corresponding to improve;

4, complete other tasks metasomatism.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, wastewater treatment related field, minimum 5 years of relevant working experience;

2, familiar with exhaust gas treatment equipment, equipment debugging experience, understand the principle of waste gas treatment, has the site construction experience;

3, have good professional ethics, honest and trustworthy, diligent steadfast;

4, character cheerful, good interpersonal skill, field response ability and management capacity;

5, able to skillfully use OFFICE, CAD and other OFFICE software;

6, can adapt to travel.

Second, the equipment engineer

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for non-standard equipment design;

2, independent preparation equipment design documents;

3, to put forward relevant data list;

4, responsible for timely report of this position information, archiving and preservation work;

5, involved in the preparation of product process documents, inspection specifications and other technical documents and shall be responsible for its accuracy;

6, participate in the whole process of equipment technical support;

7, other temporary work assigned by the leadership;

8, can adapt to travel.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, mechanical process equipment and other related professionals, more than 3 years working experience in petrochemical industry equipment design, the sulfur recovery unit design experience is preferred;

2, have good professional quality, strong sense of responsibility;

3, character cheerful, good communication skills and team cooperation spirit;

4, innovative, good at active learning;

5, good command of OFFICE OFFICE software, CAD and other engineering.

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Contact: ms shen

Phone: 18801531008