About us

Jiangsu constant new energy is a set of new materials, new technology research and development, engineering, process design, product processing and manufacturing, engineering general contracting, contract energy management operations, equity investment in an integrated high-tech enterprises. Company professional committed to the acidic gas management in the field of chemical industry, environmental protection and resource use, waste water treatment technology development and engineering applications, such as service security environmental protection and energy saving in the industrial production.

The company in the field of sulfur recovery project research and development, set up the first set of "direct oxidation sulfur recovery unit, after many years of technology development and engineering accumulation, has formed a complete set of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights system, is currently in various kinds of gasification, purification process, different concentration of acid gas governance on performance, widely used in coal chemical industry, oil refining, coke oven gas desulfurization etc. At the same time, the company actively expand emerging field of environmental governance, has been in VOCs control, high concentration organic wastewater treatment, super net emissions of sulfur dioxide, and other fields have yielded substantial results, agreed by the owner.

Company always adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the leading, core team managed by professional managers, industry experts and professors, scholars, such as industry marketing experts of various talents, and hired a number of senior engineers in the field of coal chemical industry as a consultant, has chemical petrochemical pharmaceutical professional first class turnkey design qualification, undertake the construction of national innovation fund "in recent years, provincial" innovation fund "and other r&d projects subject research, technology leader was included in the province" double gen talent ". Company through continuous innovation and sustainable development, aimed at the landlord will provide the optimal solution, environmental problem is the escort the harmonious development of industrial production and environmental protection.